Review of Game Center LIVE

From John Fischer of In Lou We Trust:

Now, don’t take my criticism too harshly. If Neulion/NHL can hammer out those issues, then I’d have absolutely no complaints about NHL Gamecenter LIVE for games. I was and continue to be impressed and satisfied with the audio and visual quality of the feeds. Being able to watch other teams is excellent not only for entertainment, but to get an idea how a future opponent is doing beyond the stats and analysis. The multiple ways to watch multiple games is well done and overall, I find the interface intuitive.

I’d personally love a chance to review Game Center Live, and will put it on my to do list.  You know, NHL, if you’re listening… a free preview would be cool.

3 Responses to Review of Game Center LIVE

  1. Stacey Ross says:

    I have a promo code for a free week of gamecenter that I haven’t found a need for because I already have Center Ice. I’d be willing to donate the code for the cause, assuming it hasn’t already expired or something. Contact me and I’ll send it to you

  2. Chris says:

    I get Gamecenter Live automatically because I have Centre Ice on Bell TV, and I have to say, it really is awesome! The only beef I have with it, is the fact that all TSN/TSN2 games are blacked out. That would be fine if streamed their telecasts online, but they don’t. CBC streams every second of HNIC, why can’t TSN do the same with their telecasts? Alot of people who have GCL but no tv, can get every game in the whole season, except when the TSNs are showing games. Oh and also local blackouts too. Very weak IMO.

  3. Illegal curve says:

    I am very disappointed by how, once more, a greed factor enters the equation at the NHL.

    The MLB model allows a monthly commitment in HD for $20 or without HD for $15. The HD quality is so good, you’re hooked to continue to subcribe of your own free will.

    To subscribe to the NHL package today, about 60% into the season for a “30% discount” is an utter joke.

    The monthly, reasonably priced baseball model is all the sampling that a league needs to encourage growth of its internet portal.

    Are you in if it’s a $20 investment for the next month’s games in HD?

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