Jeremy Roenick Joins NBC For At Least the Olympics

From Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago:

“I’m all for it,” Roenick said. “That’s the direction I want to take things. NBC is giving me some opportunities and we will see what happens. Next up is the Olympics.”

Hopefully, Sunday on NBC was just the start. If things go well during the Olympics, look for more of Roenick. But the NHL needs to go one step further and embrace this idea. Versus and NBC need to pay Roenick what he wants and tell him to let fly. The player’s fraternity in the NHL is different than any other sport. Calling out players (not named Sean Avery) doesn’t happen often; that’s where Roenick comes in. And he shouldn’t be muzzled. Ever.


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2 Responses to Jeremy Roenick Joins NBC For At Least the Olympics

  1. Josh says:

    Jeremy Roenick needs to be on both Versus and NBC telecasts. He needs his own special made microphone and throne made. Not only should Jeremy Roenick call the NHL, he needs to be a correspondent for the other sports on NBC. Roenick needs to talk all the time. No one should silence J.R.

  2. Lori Maraglia says:

    Jermy roenick is a great speaker and he needs to be in the lime light more !!!!! So please do Dancing with the Stars take care see you on TV for NBC

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