NHL Local TV Ratings Solid

Sports Media Watch reports:

The Pittsburgh Penguins are attracting the largest local television audiences in the NHL.

Penguins games averaged a 8.08 rating (93,000 HHs) on FSN Pittsburgh through January 2, up 33% from last year, and the highest local rating for any NHL team this season.

The Penguins are well ahead of the second-place Buffalo Sabres, whose games on MSG have averaged a 6.17 rating (39,000 HHs) — down 29% from last year.

Following the Penguins and Sabres are the Red Wings (4.06 rating, up 11%), Blues (2.27 rating, up 47%), Flyers (2.16 rating, down 1%) and Bruins (2.14 rating, down 2%).

So far this season, the team with the largest increase in ratings is the New York Islanders, whose paltry 0.38 rating on MSG marks a 124% increase from last year.

We’ll try and get more of the story for you tomorrow.

2 Responses to NHL Local TV Ratings Solid

  1. Vance says:

    Well when you’re watching FSN Pittsburgh, you know they’re going to do their best to guarantee a win. /Zinged.

  2. nyrmetros says:

    What are the NYR pulling in on MSG TV?

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