FS Pittsburgh Draws Huge Ratings While Employee Gets Suspended For Non-Goal

These are different Pens-Flyers games, but here’s a link to an FSN employee getting suspended over yesterday’s flap over instant replay.  Meanwhile, FS Pittsburgh drew big ratings for Thursday’s telecast:

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ 3-2 shootout victory over the Philadelphia Flyers Thursday night drew a 10.95 rating on FSN Pittsburgh – the second-highest rating ever for a Penguins’ regular season game.

The only Penguins’ regular season game to draw a larger local TV audience was Mario Lemieux’s comeback game on Dec. 27, 2000 — one of the unique events in the history of sports — which registered a 15.90 rating.

Six of the Penguins’ top 10 regular-season ratings of all-time have come this season on FSN.

“This news comes in the same week that Penguins fans were named No. 1 in the NHL by Forbes magazine, and it is another example of their unbridled passion for Penguins hockey. We salute them again,” team president David Morehouse.

“The loyalty and commitment of Penguins fans never ceases to amaze us, and we’re delighted that the strong partnership between the Penguins and FSN Pittsburgh has produced these kinds of phenomenal ratings numbers,” said Ted Black, Senior Vice President/General Manger of FSN Pittsburgh.

The previous No. 2 was a 10.74 rating for the Penguins’ Oct. 23 game against Florida this season.

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