Schedule For Today

There likely won’t be a ratings post till Thursday.  We’re sorry.  But here’s what you can expect, starting at 11:

  • A comparison of the US and Canadian coverage of the US-Canada game at the World Juniors, featuring a special guest.
  • A review of NBC’s Winter Classic coverage.
  • A new Broadcast News
  • Open Thread for VERSUS tonight.

We’ll be reviewing VERSUS, NHL Network and CBC’s coverage of the Classic as the week goes on.  Thanks for joining us for a new year of Puck the Media.

One Response to Schedule For Today

  1. john says:

    i thought that once emrick (sp?) was able to get going on the calls, I thought the coverage was good and the history of fenway thing was neat. but I think it would’ve been better had they saved the bobby clark and orr interviews until an intermission. would’ve been a better interview and the tv audience would’ve been able to see what kinda looked liked a neat pregame ceremony with the patriots, fire fighters, marines, etc. marching in onto the field. the best thing to do would’ve just had the cbc feed.

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