BREAKING: NBC Winter Classic Ratings Down from ’09

From SportsBusinessDaily:

NBC earned a 2.6 overnight Nielsen rating for the Flyers-Bruins Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic on Friday, down 10.3% from a 2.9 for the Red Wings-Blackhawks matchup last year, and even with the inaugural Penguins-Sabres Winter Classic in ’08.

So I suppose we were right to have the premonition that the numbers would be off.

UPDATE: Boston is certainly not at fault, as the game drew a staggering 14.4/29 in the market.  By comparison, the Red Sox averaged a 9.4 rating in Boston for regular season games, with a 17.9 for the team’s home opener, while the Celtics a 4.1 in the regular season, and a 16.1 for their highest-rated post-season game.  One final comparison, the 14.4 is higher than the 14.2 NESN drew for Game 7 of Bruins-Hurricanes.

UPDATE: Game drew a 6.0/11 in Philadelphia, losing big time to the Penn St. Capital One Bowl telecast, which drew a 10.0/19.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet your Winter Classic weak link!


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7 Responses to BREAKING: NBC Winter Classic Ratings Down from ’09

  1. john says:

    interested in seeing what the ratings were for philly. im sure the flyers struggles prolly pushed the average philly sports fan not to tune in and towards the psu bowl game. plus this also had to compete with the annual mummers day parade in philly and maybe being in a ballpark prolly seemed like old hat after last year.

  2. Rindu Muncie says:

    We are seeing PROOF that NBC was foolish in picking a matchup solely based on markets. Since NBC is all about ratings, it’s time the network gave the people an exciting matchup between two teams loaded with stars.

    I’m thinking San Jose Sharks at Washington Capitals at either FedExField or Camden Yards. Classic west vs. east matchup for wide national appeal, both teams are loaded with stars, including the NHL’s favorite, Ovechkin. But this makes too much sense for the NHL and NBC that next year we’ll end up getting Devils at Rangers at some NYC area venue and the ratings will suffer again.

  3. Rindu Muncie says:

    Plus an INTER-conference matchup is overdue.

  4. dyhrdmet says:

    so if they have the game at the Meadowlands next year, does that mean that Rutgers makes the Orange Bowl?

    Didn’t the football thing get in the way with Detroit last year too?

    FedEx Field couldn’t work because it has a college bowl game in late December (same with Yankee Stadium).

  5. Josh says:

    @dyhrdmet: The DC-area bowl game (The Eagle Bank Bowl, I believe) is played at RFK Stadium, not FedEx.

  6. Rindu Muncie says:

    So FedEx Field is an option. So is Camden Yards, although some will be mad because Baltimore is not an NHL city, but all caps fans will have no problem going.

    Sharks at Caps really would make for a great Winter Classic. Let’s see if the NBC knuckleheads could get that through their thick skulls.

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