Happy New Year

I’d just like to wish a happy New Year to all the PR folks and fellow bloggers who make my life much easier, especially Katie Bradshaw at VERSUS, James Lamont and his army of folks who help me at CBC, Brian Walker and Christopher McCloskey at NBC, Ken Fang, Paul Kukla, John Fischer, Tibbs, Greg Wyshynski, Ryan Classic, and as always Wrap Around Curl.

I’m taking the day off, as there’s a lot of hockey-related stuff to keep an eye on tonight.  USA-Canada World Juniors, Devils-Blackhawks for me personally, and the VERSUS New Year’s Eve show, which I shall review Monday.

Stay tuned Saturday and Sunday for Winter Classic ratings news, Puck the Media is where you’ll want to be locked in.

There were 386,000 visits to Puck the Media this year.  Thank you to anyone who made themselves a part of that, it is appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Open thread for the USA-Canada game and VERSUS’ New Year’s Eve show tonight so you can post your thoughts, and a Winter Classic open thread in the morning.


One Response to Happy New Year

  1. dyhrdmet says:

    I just want to share that when I woke up to snow in NJ this morning, I decided to check the forecast for Boston for tomorrow, and it’s now saying basically all snow and no rain, so tomorrow’s game looks promising for a fun viewing event (snow falling at a hockey game is why HDTV was invented).

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