Check Out How Doc Emrick Prepares For a Game

Doc Stuff

Doc actually showed us one of these (and gave us a photo copy) at a Devils game last season.  It really is quite remarkable.  The Devils website has more on this:

On the morning of a Devils game, longtime broadcaster Mike “Doc” Emrick can be seen carefully filling out one of the 8 1/2” x 11” manila scorecards that will take him from morning skate all the way through that night’s broadcast.

It has been years since Emrick designed the card, which he copyrighted nearly three decades ago. He conceived it during the pre-digital era as a way of structuring stats and team data into a format that was easy to access on the air.

Emrick, winner of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s 2008 Foster Hewitt Award, prints 100 of them each season at a shop near his home in Port Huron, Mich. The grid color varies from one year to the next, and Emrick uses brightly-colored card stock for his national games with NBC and Versus.

“A lot of guys have copied it, and I don’t care,” Emrick says. “A lot of young guys I know I see use it in the minors. I’m more flattered by it than anything else. But the whole idea was to condense the game notes.”

Each broadcaster has his own method. Emrick has established one that works for him.

We’d totally pay untold amounts of money to have a lifetime supply of these, as an aspiring broadcaster.


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