ESPN Clearly Not Taking the Whole “Let’s Get More Into Hockey!” Thing

As I write this, it’s 12:23 AM and I’m performing an act of severe self-harm: I’m watching SportsCenter.  See, after the Devils MSG Plus post-game coverage of Marty Brodeur’s 104th shutout, I turned on ESPN to watch my Giants finish off the Redskins on Monday Night Football.  I figured, heck, let’s see how they treat Marty’s record.

They opened SportsCenter at 11:38 PM, with a brief mention of the University of Kentucky’s basketball win, their 2000th in history.  Then a 10-second mention of Brodeur, with promise of highlights later.

It is now 12:25 AM, and those promised highlights… still not there.  Some topics deemed more important:

  • Brett Favre’s arguing with coach Brad Childress
  • Redskins head coach Jim Zorn’s job security
  • Endless talk of the Monday Night Football game, which was a 45-12 Giant win
  • Mike Holmgren taking the Cleveland Browns Presidency job
  • Another celebration of Kentucky’s 2000th win, including a “behind the numbers” segment.
  • The Colts pursuit of 16-0
  • Shaq’s return to Phoenix
  • More talk about Giants-Redskins, including an Osi Umenyiora interview

…and finally, at 12:36 AM, 58 minutes after the show began, there are the highlights of the game.

Thanks ESPN.

(H/T to Legend of VinnyT on Twitter)

6 Responses to ESPN Clearly Not Taking the Whole “Let’s Get More Into Hockey!” Thing

  1. Forrest says:

    My frustration was on Monday where at the End of Around The Horn Mariotti proclaims that he doesn’t need to know the rules of hockey or watch it in December. Fifteen minutes later on Pardon the Interruption they proclaim that the NBA is the best thing to watch this week. Considering that these two seasons almost run the exact same time I pretty much just slapped my myself in the forehead at the double standard.

  2. Leafsfan1967 says:

    ESPN doesn’t care about hockey and as long as they don’t have a contract they never will. The fact that they don’t care about hockey also means they probably wont be an “NHL partner” ever again. I hope I’m wrong on this because the sooner the NHL gets out from under the Versus contract the better, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. HOCKEY MAN says:

    ESPN will not be a partner with the leauge anytime soon. ESPN wants the NCAA mens Baskettball tourney and thats all of march and thats major time slots there in March. April MLB starts and they like what baseball gets them in the summer ratings wise. NHL wheres it stand, not on ESPN no place for it. NHL should have taken (if they wanted to in 05) the deal ESPN wanted them to take.

  4. Patrick says:

    r u kidding me? why is anyone surprise about seeing Marty’s record breaker highlights 40mins into SC? U also have to be kidding me that it will change if and when ESPN has NHL again. They will treat the NHL like crap even if they have a contract. Shoved on ESPN2 or ESPN classic at best.

    I’d rather be on Versus. That said, Versus could do more to showcase the sport. Honestly, you can’t make a NHL2NITE type show on that network or I suppose they need more hunting and fishing and rodeo shows in late evenin hrs.

  5. ranndino says:

    This is why I haven’t watched SportsCenter in about 7 years.

  6. The Phan says:

    I know people at espn and have some information that I think everyone should know. ESPN wants the NHL back to fulfill its quest to dominate the Sports WORLD. ESPN is set to loose possibly, MLB in 2013 to VS/NBC(Comcast). They need to fill the void. NHL comes up. Stay tuned. I think the NHL is back on ESPN soon to behonest. Just my opinion. ITs ok you can rip this post but ESPN AND NHL are gonna be together soon, the Winter Classic is a sign of that.

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