Shopping with WAC

Uhm I’m looking at the Winter Classic merch. And I stumbled upon this hot mess:

Apparently the NHL though they would attempt to be cool and hip and produce something that not even Lady Gaga would wear. I get the idea of the utilitarian purpose. But really? Are you kidding me? It’s a hat and a scarf. And all ridiculous. But what about Boston?

The classic touque! This is a touque right? It’s a pom pom hat! The best kind really. It keeps ears warm and has a wonderful unisex design. The hat is for the Winter Classic without being tacky or obnoxious. It has an understated charm. Plus it’s a classic. I love these hats for when I’m having a bad bang day.

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Hi I'm Heather. Call me WAC. Everyone else does.

One Response to Shopping with WAC

  1. KofC says:

    Whoa, an item of apparel that disturbs me even more than NHL thongs. The Boston one is great but says “WINTER CLASSIC!!!” a little loud. I’m thinking of getting a different Classic hat but don’t know if it’s okay to wear around Chicago as a Hawks fan or if I have to save it for east coast trips…

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