Next Week… What’s Up With That?

Well, we’re off next week.  It’s exams.  We have work to do.  Open threads with announcers stick around as they always will.

So, what will be happening next week?  Guest Hosts Week!

Ryan Classic from The Classic Blog will be filling in a couple days, and I’m not certain, but I think the lovely Alix Wright, from The Canucks Hockey Blog, will be joining him.  Of course, Wrap Around Curl will bring her whimsy at various points during the week.  Maybe some other folks.  Please treat them as well as you treat me.

Thanks as always for supporting the site.  See you Monday, December 19th.  Big things are on the way.

HNIC Open Thread will open at 5.  Here’s my gift to you, a band I’m seeing in person tonight, The Gaslight Anthem from the great state of New Jersey.

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