Hawks Score on WGN

From Ed Sherman of Crain’s Chicago Business:

The bandwagon keeps getting bigger for the Blackhawks.

Saturday’s Hawks-Pittsburgh game on WGN-Ch. 9 did the highest rating for a regular-season game since 1989, with the exception of last year’s Winter Classic. WGN averaged a 3.2 rating for the entire game; 1 ratings point is worth more than 35,000 homes.

The rating nearly doubled to 5.7, as fans tuned in to watch the dramatic overtime victory. So it continues to be all good for the Hawks.

Right on, Chicago.  The Hawks continue to struggle to compete with the Bulls in the local ratings race, but building an audience takes time.  Intense games like the one in Pittsburgh on Saturday certainly can’t hurt in building the team’s ratings-base.

3 Responses to Hawks Score on WGN

  1. Chris says:

    Just a note on WGN Chicago: It’s also available nationally across Canada on many different satellite and cable companies. Too bad they don’t calculate those watching in Canada. I imagine hockey on any channel broadcast in Canada would get decent ratings.

  2. Tim says:

    It should also be pointed out — for those who don’t know — that WGN’s broadcasts of Hawks games are not available on the WGN America feed, only in Chicago (and, as Chris pointed out, in Canada, which receives WGN-TV Channel 9 rather than the WGN superstation).

  3. Tim says:

    Just to clarify, Chris was more on the money than I was. WGN-TV is carried on cable and satellite in much of Canada, but there are some Canadian cable systems which offer WGN America instead.

    There is a similar arrangement with TBS; back when TBS was still available on WTBS Channel 17 in Atlanta, Canada got WTBS on cable and satellite. To this day, Canada still gets Channel 17 even though Turner split TBS off from WTBS and re-branded the latter as a local channel, Peachtree TV (call letters WPCH). TBS is unavailable in Canada.

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