NHL, NBC Ready This Year’s Winter Classic Commercials

Last year’s Winter Classic promo pushed by NBC and the league was agreed almost unanimously to be a terrific combo of hockey with Wrigley Field’s legendary facade, along with Harry Caray’s iconic singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, to produce a near flawless combo of baseball lore with hockey’s potential draw.  I’d argue it helped a few people undecided about which bowl game to ignore to give hockey a shot on New Year’s Day.

Now, NBC and the league are working harder this year to draw viewers in.  Jeff Beer of AdAge has more:

This year’s spot, created by Y&R, New York, depicts Flyers and Bruins players walking towards the ice of Boston’s TD Banknorth Garden, as the arena fades away to reveal a frozen pond. “The idea this year is to look at how these NHLers grew up playing outdoors on ponds and in the neighborhoods,” said Y&R Creative Director Cliff Skeete. “When you talk to players, that’s what really makes the game special, they all get that nostalgic excitement so that’s what we’ve tried to capture.”

The NHL has also expanded the onsite event of the game for 2010 in Boston. Back in Buffalo in 2008, the game was in and out of Ralph Wilson Stadium in less than a week. In Chicago, events such as corporate skating and youth hockey kept hockey at Wrigley Field for two weeks around the game. This year at Fenway, the NHL is hosting almost a month of sponsored events, including a Bruins “Legends” game and a college hockey doubleheader after the Classic.

This sounds like a pretty good idea.  We’ll have to see how well the NHL executes it in the promo.  We’ll direct you to it/post it as soon as we see it, if it is coming out this week.  The NBC one seems destined to premiere during Sunday Night Football on Dec. 6.


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  1. Colton says:


    More on the Winter Classic from a marketing point of view.

    Picture of Patrice Bergeron at the top.

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