Great Ideas Courtesy of VERSUS

Here’s three things VERSUS did wrong last night:

  1. The National Football League’s TV schedule (in particular, that of Monday Night Football) was released on April 14, 2009.  The NHL released it’s schedule in the middle of July.  Now, on a Monday like last night, they gave VERSUS many options for games to show on their network.  A compelling John Tavares vs. Toronto matchup could be interesting fodder.  Bruins and St. Louis: Interconference matchups are always fun.  Columbus-Rangers: ditto, and why not show off Rick Nash under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden.  Hell, the Flyers and Avalanche would be absolutely tailor made for national TV (if this were ESPN).  Instead, not only did we get a Red Wings-Predators matchup that’s lost it’s competitive muster, we got the only Nashville game on VERSUS this season, pit against a Tennessee Titans showing on Monday Night Football.  Yes, the Titans are terrible, but who’s bright idea was this in the first place?
  2. If you are going to show a Preds game, best to keep it out of the way of football as best you can, but something just doesn’t feel right about these 7PM ET starts in central timezone markets.  Let me ask you, folks in Minnesota, St. Louis, Dallas, Nashville, Chicago, etc… does the hour early difference matter?  It seems rather disingenuous and pointless for VERSUS to do it to it’s loyal Nashville fanbase.
  3. Finally, we didn’t get to see Darren McCarty on Hockey Central, but seriously, Darren McCarty giving analysis on a Red Wings game?  You mean, the guy who stood for everything Detroit nearly a decade?  Come on.  We didn’t see Peter Laviolette doing a Hurricanes or an Islanders game.  We magically managed to find Mike Keenan analyzing a game that didn’t feature one of the 500 teams he’s coached!  Can’t we throw Mac at Wednesday night’s St. Louis-Dallas game?  I’m sure he could use the money regardless.

4 Responses to Great Ideas Courtesy of VERSUS

  1. You wouldn’t have wanted the CBJ-NYR game on Versus. It was not entertaining.

  2. Everyone knows that Madison Square Garden is terribly lit.

  3. Al says:


    We’re asking Versus to think about other variables, they barely think about anything. Why not in schedule the Preds/Wings game for a Tuesday or Wednesday if Versus so badly wanted to air it?

    I mean Also, why is there no game tonight but one on Wednesday. If you’re trying to avoid a weeknight during football season, Monday is the day to avoid. Hell,, Wednesday isn’t that bad. Yeah, ESPN has an NBA game that night most times but that doesn’t start until November basically.

    Stop airing hockey opposite MNF, it’s stupid.

  4. Buddy Oakes says:

    Early starts in Nashville are crowd killers. This game was poorly planned from the beginning. The game was originally set for 5 p.m. to avoid the Titan conflict and was only moved to 6 p.m. when Versus picked it up. At the opening puck drop a few minutes after six, there probably weren’t 5000 people in their seats. By the regular start time of 7 p.m. when the second period started, the place was fairly well filled in. There were a bunch of no-shows, probably more related to the start time than the Titans game. For the record, the Wings are the Pred’s largest draw and this was the poorest attended match-up between the two teams that I can recall.

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