This is Going to Be Legen… Wait For It…

TSN and Anthem Entertainment Group have confirmed that Neil Peart, renowned drummer of legendary rock band Rush, will record a special rendition of The Hockey Theme, the iconic theme song originally written by Delores Claman in 1968.

Peart is widely regarded as the world’s most accomplished and most-respected drummer/percussionist. As the drummer and primary lyricist for the trio, Peart has recorded 18 studio albums with Rush which have sold over 40 million units worldwide. Along with his band mates, Peart has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

In addition to assembling a team of top recording engineers and musicians to assist on the recording, Peart has commissioned DW Drums to create a special hockey-themed drum kit specifically for his unique version of the song.

Peart’s version of the theme song will be used during NHL broadcasts on both TSN and RDS throughout the remainder of the NHL season. Details on when the song will debut will be announced at a later date.

As Peart explains, “having started out as a Canadian kid who skated on his ankles, and never made a hockey team, it is particularly sweet to be invited to be a part of this national institution – if not on skates, then on drums, performing Canada’s ‘second national anthem.’ At last I’ve made the Big Leagues!”

“To have a music legend and a member of Canada’s rock royalty like Neil Peart record his version of The Hockey Theme speaks volumes about the song’s place in psyche of hockey fans across the country and around the world,” said Mark Milliere, Vice-President, Production, TSN.  “It is an honour to have Neil put his rock spin on this iconic tune and we’re extremely excited to add his interpretation to our NHL ON TSN broadcasts.”

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