NHL Continues Ratings Lead in Philadelphia, Falls Behind in Washington, Continues Losing in Bay Area

Our pal Paulsen at Sports Media Watch has a great report on Comcast’s local sports network ratings through mid-November.  Here are some highlights:

In the NHL, the Flyers lead the way with a 2.3 rating for their games on CSN Philadelphia, up 19% from last year.

Behind the Flyers are the Blackhawks on CSN Chicago (1.7, up 67%) and Capitals on CSN Mid-Atlantic (1.1, down 3%). The Sharks round out the NHL presence with a 1.0 on CSN California, up 5% from last season.

Head-to-head, the Flyers are more than doubling the 76ers in television ratings, while the Wizards and Bulls are trouncing the Capitals and Blackhawks, respectively. Somewhat surprisingly, the Kings and Warriors — both recent cellar dwellers — are outdrawing the Sharks, who sit atop the NHL standings.

It does surprise me that the Warriors and Kings do beat out the Sharks, but San Jose has never quite shown it self as much as far as TV viewers as it has in the arena attendance dep’t.  Also, for all the promotion it does, you’d think the Blackhawks would be closing the gap on the Bulls a bit further.

5 Responses to NHL Continues Ratings Lead in Philadelphia, Falls Behind in Washington, Continues Losing in Bay Area

  1. Chris says:

    Embarrassing for the Caps.

  2. Alex says:

    Ratings news / attendance is my favorite stuff posted on puckthemedia. Thanks.

  3. Al says:

    “Embarrassing for the Caps.”

    Hang on, here. It’s not good that a 3-9 Wizards team is out-rating them but there are a lot of factors involved. CSN D.C. hasn’t had what are the Caps’ biggest rivals in recent years at all on the schedule.

    The Rangers, who the Caps beat in 7 games last year, were on CSN once w/ last week’s “Ovechkin Return from Injury” game on Versus. Versus also had both Flyers/Caps contests. Caps lost to PHI in 7 games in ’08. Also the season-opener in Boston was on Versus. Finally, the Penguins, our biggest rival by far, haven’t even faced the Caps this year.

    Meanwhile, the Wizards have played the Cavs w/ Lebron James (their biggest rival) and the Miami Heat w/ Dwyane Wade twice on CSN already in the first month of the NBA. One of those Heat games on Nov. 4th was on CSN Plus (overflow). That’s what the Pens w/ Malkin and Crosby are to Caps fans, rival team and hated superstar on opponent’s team.

    CSN’s main channel has shown NYI 2 times, NJ 2 times, ATL 2 times, FLA once, SJ once, DET once, CBJ once (and on a Sunday 5:00) MON once, TOR once, and NSH once.

    CSN Plus, the overflow channel, has carried 4 Caps games this month alone including back-to-back MIN and NJ (Fri. 13th and Sat. 14th), FLA the Friday before the Minnesota game, and TOR this past Saturday. There was an Islanders game on Oct. 30th shown on Plus as well. This upcoming Saturday’s game at Montreal is also CSN Plus. CSN Main has shown 13 (15 by Saturday) games, CSN Plus, 4 (5 by Saturday), and Versus, 4.

    Finally on CSN Plus, Verizon-FIOS hasn’t carried that channel to people in Howard and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, respectively.

  4. Ricky Muncie says:

    Sharks ratings are down in the Bay Area because of the change to CSN-California. First of all some fans don’t even get to see the Sharks, but in the Bay Area people watch CSN-BA more so than CSN-CA. The Warriors should have been bumped to CSN-CA if they are so ratings-proof. That move to CSN-CA really hurt the Sharks.

  5. Jason says:

    I second what Al says and will add that a lot of the Wizards early ratings success came from an “Arenas-is-back-was-last-year-a-fluke” factor just as much as it did that CSN had games with big rivals. Since it looks like last year wasn’t a fluke and the Wizards may at most maybe get a 7/8 seed if they’re lucky, I think things will inevitably level out.

    The fact that most of the Caps CSN schedule has been against teams that don’t reall matter hasn’t helped matters either.

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