When Announcers Say Really Stupid Things

Anyone want to confirm to us that one of these two stated that Martin Brodeur is overrated during FSPittsburgh’s telecast of New Jersey-Pittsburgh last night?

If so, readers, does it go along with Mike Haynes (Altitude TV/Colorado) stating that Nik Lidstrom is overrated.  But we want to be sure of the statement’s truth before we go around saying things about these two.

But come on, even if they didn’t, you know they probably wanted to.

5 Responses to When Announcers Say Really Stupid Things

  1. Mike in Idaho says:

    I didn’t notice it and I had to watch this feed so I could get HD thanks to MSG not believing in HD reruns but those announcers are terrible, I miss Mike Lange.

  2. nash says:

    He is overrated…almost as overrated as Crosby

  3. leafsfan1967 says:

    These two guys from Pittsburgh ALMOST make Joe Benihaha look good! 🙂

  4. Langer says:

    I watched this feed, don’t remember either saying that. In fact they enjoyed some of his saves.

    Errey did however talk about how the Devils were going to sit back and trap after the second goal up to the end of the game. Which made the 3rd and 4th goals all the more exciting.

  5. Chris B says:

    I’m a huge Penguins fan, and I agree with most criticism over these two. Bob Errey can at least say stupid things that turn out to be entertaining. But Paul Steigerwald is second only to one Joe Beninati for worst hockey play by play announcer in the league.

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