Sportsnet: Where Phil Kessel Happens (And Equals Ratings)

Phil Kessel’s debut in the Toronto Maple Leafs lineup provided Rogers Sportsnet Ontario with one of it’s bigger Leaf audiences, via William Houston:

Phil Kessel’s first game with the Leafs on Tuesday produced a mega audience for Rogers Sportsnet Ontario.

With Kessel, acquired from Boston Bruins in the off-season, in the Leaf lineup, the network drew 845,000 viewers for the Tampa Bay Lightning-Leafs game, the eighth largest audience in the network’s history, and tops for a regional telecast.

In a news release, Dave Akande, vice-president of content for Sportsnet said “This number proves once again that Sportsnet is the destination for hockey that matters. Whether it is for the pre-game show, intermissions
or the game itself, we are the home for the Toronto Maple Leaf fan.”

The Sportsnet audience was helped by the fact that the new system of measuring audiences, the Portable People Meter, is reporting much larger audiences for sports TV shows across the board.

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