VERSUS to Swap Hockey Central with New Junior Seau Series December 3rd

Usually I’d wait on some news like this, but I know how much stuff like this annoys you, and it’s a slower news day than yesterday.

Junior Seau has a new show coming out called “Sports Jobs”.  It’s basically “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe”, but sport-styled.  See how clever VERSUS is with these titles?

Anyway, one episode features Junior working as the equipment manager for the Washington Capitals.  This episode will premiere on December 9th at 11:30 PM, after VERSUS’ telecast of a Minnesota-Colorado game.  Hockey Central will air after Sports Jobs.  Flame away.

5 Responses to VERSUS to Swap Hockey Central with New Junior Seau Series December 3rd

  1. Tim says:

    No need to flame. Frankly, it speaks for itself. Versus really needs to think sometimes; it’s crap like this that earns them a bad reputation and gives the ESPN fanboys an excuse to run their mouths.

  2. leafsfan1967 says:

    Versus? What’s Versus?

  3. nosferatu says:

    It’s the regular season, too, so less egregious than in the playoffs. Not sure how many hockey fans will stick around for Hockey Central after a Minnesota-Colorado game. Any true fans who want highlights or more action will tune to other games on Center Ice or On the Fly, as they normally do.

    Versus still has yet to give us much of a reason to bother to keep tuning in after any games.

  4. Al says:

    On a positive. it’s hockey-related and viewers are given advanced warning unlike Sports Soup airing BEFORE Hockey Central after game 3 of last season’s Cup Final. That is said with 100 percent sarcasm intended.

    How about a week-in-review show like NHL Cool Shots was on ESPN? God forbid, there’s one for Nascar(Quest for the Sprint Cup) and the NBA (NBA Action), Better yet, why not a nightly hockey highlights show on Versus, not just on gamenights.

    No, I’m not an ESPN fanboy but can we have some ACTUAL weekly and daily shows only about the NHL not related to Versus game broadcasts?

  5. Chris says:

    It will get double or triple the ratings as hockey central

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