Battle of the Blades Will Likely Get a 2nd Season

Some assorted notes from William Houston’s column praising Battle of the Blades:

It’s certainly been an audience winner. The opener last month drew two million viewers. Since then, the 60-minute show, which airs Sunday night, has been drawing a steady 1.5 million, which is good for a Canadian production.

Keep in mind also that Sunday prime time is a tough slot in television. Blades is up against the CTV powerhouse, Amazing Race 15, and, for the male demographic, the NFL game on TSN/NBC. The half-hour show on Monday competes for viewers with the largest audience producer on Canadian television, House, on Global.

Consider last week’s ratings: On Sunday, Amazing Race 15 drew 2.61 million, but Blades picked up a respectable 1.55 million. On Monday, House blew away the competition with 3.7 million viewers, but Blades hung in with 1.14 million.

The series wraps up in two weeks, but we are likely to see it again. The plan is for a Blades 2 next season, with a new group of hockey players.

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