Movie About Hockey Sounds Awesome

From Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe, check out this great movie that former NHLPA head Paul Kelly is advising:

Kelly, meanwhile, has been advising on the casting and production of a movie, “Overtime,’’ to be shot early next year in New Mexico and Toronto. “It’s a sort of ‘Field of Dreams’ drama that puts hockey in a good light,’’ explained Kelly, who attended Thursday’s Devils-Bruins game at the Garden. Sidney Crosby,Alexander Ovechkin, and Don Cherry have agreed to cameos. Kelly invited Mike Emrick to fill a key “play-by-play’’ role. The story centers on mine workers in New Mexico who play the game each night on pools that freeze in and around the mine.

This sounds great.  With “Overtime” and Kevin Smith’s “Hit Somebody”, hockey cinema may be headed towards a rise again.  Well, after that tooth fairy movie with The Rock is over with.

One Response to Movie About Hockey Sounds Awesome

  1. It probably doesn’t surprise you in the slightest that I am mildly excited for the Tooth Fairy, even though I know it will be complete shit.

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