JR to TSN, Dancing with the Stars?

We have a couple of stories on our favorite hockey personality of all time, Jeremy Roenick.  While we wait for him to take over the NHL on TV in America, it appears that once again Canadian networks have beaten VERSUS/NBC to the punch.  Sigh.  Anyway, Chris Zelkovich of the Toronto Star has our first story, in the notes section of a longer column:

New to the TV scene is former NHLer and current quote machine Jeremy Roenick. He’ll be a regular contributor to TSN’s Off The Record. The irony is that Roenick never is off the record.

Heh.  Well, it isn’t studio work, but it’s a start for JR.  That could lead into the reality TV world for the American-born star, says Lance Hornby of the London Free Press:

Jeremy Roenick tells AM 640 Radio in Toronto that there’s a “strong possibility” he will be performing in next spring’s taping of ABC’s top-rated show Dancing With the Stars.

Roenick says he was on the short list for the autumn portion, but was bumped for U.S. Senator Tom DeLay, an early casualty because of stress fractures in both feet.

As for his potential female partner, Roenick would only quip “I hope she’s hot.”

Really?  JR got bumped for The Hammer?  That’s a shame.  Oh well, honestly we’d finally watch that show just to see how a hockey player translates to the dancefloor.

One Response to JR to TSN, Dancing with the Stars?

  1. JR on Dancing…? Ok, I would watch that.
    What do we have to do to get Battle of the Blades in the US? That looks like a hoot.

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