VERSUS Record Ratings Don’t Translate Into Record Viewers

From NHL super-agent Allan Walsh on Twitter:

VERSUS earned an 0.6 cable rating and 477,000 viewers for Flyers-Caps game on Tues night, the net’s highest-rated NHL reg season gm ever.”

This does not beat the 501,000 viewers Caps-Bruins drew.  However, it is #2 this season, and the 3rd game VERSUS has done to do an 0.5 or better.

We don’t have the ratings yet for Wild-Blackhawks on Monday or the games from last week (working on it) but after the jump, check out our updated VERSUS game-by-game ratings this season.

1. Washington vs. Boston (10/1/09) 0.5, 501,000 viewers
2. Philadelphia vs. Washington (10/27/09) 0.6, 477,000 viewers
3. Detroit vs. Buffalo (10/13/09) 0.5, 467,000 viewers
4. Washington vs. Philadelphia (10/6/09) 405,000 viewers
5. San Jose vs. Colorado (10/1/09) 332,000 viewers
6. St. Louis vs. Detroit (10/2/09) 278,000 viewers
7. NY Rangers vs. New Jersey (10/5/09) 269,000 viewers
8. Calgary vs. Chicago (10/12/09) 177,000 viewers
9. Florida vs. Chicago (10/2/09) 100,000 viewers

4 Responses to VERSUS Record Ratings Don’t Translate Into Record Viewers

  1. leafsfan1967 says:

    I know this is off topic but if the schedule on the NHL Network is to be believed….

    ….It looks as if they are going to show the post game show after the first game on Saturday nice. That would certainly be a nice treat if it’s true….

    In other NHL Network news, what do people think of their new crawl? For my money it is way too big and obtrusive…

    • Keith says:

      I agree, I hope that’s the case. Plus it makes better sense to join On the Fly in progress at the top of the hour when it tends to start over with the game recaps, instead of in the middle of an hour.

      • leafsfan1967 says:

        Last Saturday they pulled the plug on HNIC as they switched to Montreal for the Overtime period, breaking off almost in mid sentence and landing in on “On the Fly” while they were in mid sentence. Not exactly a smoooooooth transition.

  2. Chris says:

    the .6 is because versus is now in fewer homes than before….because of the dispute with DTV

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