VERSUS Sets Regular Season Ratings Record With Flyers-Caps

Wyshynski Beats Us on This One:

Just in from Versus: Last night’s Philadelphia Flyers/Washington Capitals game set a new regular-season ratings record for the network’s NHL coverage: a 0.6 national rating.

That’s up from the 0.5 the Capitals and Boston Bruins did on opening night.

We agree with Wyshynski’s sentiment that the Caps are consistently proving themselves worthy of a Winter Classic this year.  Let’s do Flyers-Caps another 10 times this year!


CBC’s NHL Ratings So Far This Season

Thursday, Oct. 1
7:00 Montreal vs. Toronto 2.542 Million
10:00 Vancouver vs. Calgary 1.371 Million
Average: 1,956,500 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 3
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 628,000
7:00 TOR vs. WSH OR MTL vs. BUF OR OTT vs. NYR 1.74 Million
10:00 Calgary vs. Edmonton 1.153 Million
Game Average: 1,446,500 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 10
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 447,000
7:00 Pittsburgh vs. Toronto 1.686 Million
10:00 Montreal vs. Edmonton 1.004 Million
Game Average: 1,345,000 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 17
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game N/A
7:00 NYR vs. TOR OR OTT vs. MTL 1.718 Million
10:00 Minnesota vs. Vancouver 986,000
Game Average: 1,352,000 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 24
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 507,000 Viewers
7:00 TOR vs. VAN OR BOS vs. OTT OR NYR vs. MTL 2.306 Million
10:00 Edmonton vs. Calgary 1.119 Million
Game Average: 1,712,500 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 31
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 781,000 Viewers
7:00 Toronto vs. Montreal 2.453 Million
10:00 Detroit vs. Calgary 809,000 Viewers
12:30 After Hours 222,000 Viewers
Game Average: 1.631 Million

Saturday, Nov. 7
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 1.014 Million
7:00 DET vs. TOR OR NJ vs. OTT OR TB vs. MTL 1.964 Million
10:00 NY Rangers vs. Calgary 877,000 Viewers
Game Average: 1,420,500 Viewers

Saturday, Nov. 14
2:00 NYR vs. OTT 579,000 Viewers
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 632,000 viewers
7:00 Calgary vs. Toronto 1.808 Million
10:00 Vancouver vs. Colorado 876,000 Viewers
Game Average (Primetime): 1.342 Million

Saturday, Nov. 21
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 657,000 viewers
7:00 DET vs. MTL OR WSH vs. TOR OR BUF vs. OTT 2.101 Million
10:00 Chicago vs. Edmonton 725,000 viewers
Game Average: 1.413 Million

Saturday, Nov. 28
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 644,000 viewers
7:00 WSH vs. MTL OR OTT vs. BOS OR CGY vs. CLB 1.783 Million
10:00 Vancouver vs. Edmonton 1.202 Million
Game Average: 1,492,500 Viewers


Through 8 Weeks and 9 telecasts:

7PM Game Average: 2,233,444 Viewers
10PM Game Average: 1,124,666 Viewers
HNIC Season-to-Date Average: 1,679,055 Viewers

Why Do The NBA and NHL Have Such Corresponding Opening Nights This Year?

Just a quick observation…

Last night, there was basketball on TNT.  We didn’t watch, because we’re not basketball fans, but look at the matchups they got for opening night.  Two playoff teams, including a superstar’s opening game, and a budding Eastern Conference powerhouse to start off.  And for the second game, a boring ceremony to raise a banner in a game between one team that was supposed to be great and one that was supposed to be awful.

Just sayin’.  Fans of NHL and NBA, who had the better opening night?

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