More Hockey Night News: Leafs to Get Dropped from HNIC Main Games?

Good God, the Leafs do indeed suck this year.  So it must be rough for Hockey Night in Canada to decide whether to keep their still sizable audience on the featured game during the opening HNIC on CBC.  But Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun has the story:

The next two weeks are audience locks — with the Leafs visiting Vancouver and Montreal. But if Toronto’s record still stinks after that, the CBC won’t hesitate to adjust the picture in its national distribution.

“After that, we may start to play with how much of the country sees the Leafs or the Sens or the Habs based on team performance and matchup,” Scott Moore, the executive director of CBC Sports said yesterday in an e-mail.

For now, the numbers are holding up surprisingly well. The Leafs most recent loss this past Saturday against the New York Rangers brought in a healthy 1.7 million viewers, the most watched sports show of the week.

Seven days earlier, the Leafs-Penguins were strong at 1.69 million and the first Saturday, a three-game national split, which included the Leafs and Washington, drew 1.74 million.

HNIC does need to be in the business of getting the biggest audience possible, but the question is how long until the Leafs stop becoming a curiosity.

2 Responses to More Hockey Night News: Leafs to Get Dropped from HNIC Main Games?

  1. leafsfan1967 says:

    If this happens it won’t be a first. The CBC has rearranged their schedule before and will do so again.

  2. Chris says:

    Last Saturday’s distribution for HNIC was despicable. Rangers at Leafs coast-to-coast, and an all-Canadian matchup (and Alex Kovalev’s return to MTL) Sens at Habs was only available in Quebec and Ottawa. Things had better change soon.

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