Delving Into Why Al Strachan Was Fired

We totally didn’t realize that Al Strachan had been fired from Hockey Night in Canada.  When William Houston brought it up in Truth and Rumours today, we thought it was shocking news, that would’ve approached our attention, but we were too busy writing a humor blog apparently (Seriously, the next person to refer to Puck the Media as “satire” gets punched in the face).  Anyway, Houston has all the angles covered, check it out:

The inside story of how Al Strachan lost his job at Hockey Night In Canada shines a bright, not so pretty light into the world of sports television and how decisions are made.

Strachan refused to comment on his sudden ouster as a regular on Hockey Night’s Hotstove intermission segment, but publishing sources confirmed today that his departure is tied to a book he wrote with the no-so-subtle title of Why The Leafs Suck.

The book, released a few weeks ago by Harper Collins, apparently incensed the CBC, because Strachan was identified on the cover as being “from Hockey Night In Canada,”  despite the fact permission had not been given by the network for the show’s name to be used on the cover of the book.

“Scott Moore (the head of CBC Sports and also head of marketing and advertising for the network) went ballistic,” said one insider.

Moore’s response seems out of character and raises more questions than it answers.

Our first thought was “Boy, Strachan sure had some foresight knowing the Leafs would still suck.  What a crystal ball he must have.”  Our second is: How far in bed are the Leafs with CBC that this would cause him to get canned from the entertaining Hotstove segments.  Who will Mike Milbury give nougies and lecture endlessly during the 2nd intermission?  It’s all very confusing, but worth a read or two.

5 Responses to Delving Into Why Al Strachan Was Fired

  1. john says:

    “Our second is: How far in bed are the Leafs with CBC that this would cause him to get canned from the entertaining Hotstove segments. ” That likely is the cause, but more realistically, the CBC doesn’t want to anger their largest potential audience demographic, “southern onterio”. Don Cherry said in one interview he makes his unabashed support for the leafs known because his an ontario boy and that the ratings are hirer when the leafs play on HNIC. So they prolly don’t want to alienate anyone by being biased against the leafs, when in reality, they are alienating people by showing the leafs all the time. take it for a grain of salt, I only get to watch HNIC on sunday afternoons on the NHL network. So I don’t know how often the leafs really play.

  2. leafsfan1967 says:

    Maybe people think this otherwise wonderful blog is “satire” because of the relentless plugs for Versus which millions can no longer see because of the DirecTV Concr*p battle… 🙂

  3. stevelepore says:

    How do we “plug” VERSUS aside from the announcing thread, which the VERSUS PR people give to us (as do NBC and CBC)?

    • leafsfan1967 says:

      Sorry Steve, didn’t mean to upset you! 🙂

      I just think the NHL’s relationship with Versus and ConCr*p isn’t good for the game or the fans, especially when millions of us no longer can see Versus. We need to admit that the NHL’s national TV situation in the States is a mess….

  4. Alex says:

    ESPN gives hockey a 5th or 6th tier to many sports and poker.
    Versus loves hockey, gives us a crazy amount of playoff games, needs some work we can admit, and has a ton of coverage of it.
    Regardless of the DTV problem, that channel is the best for the sport for the time being and maybe in the future they’ll look at FX or Spike or USA.

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