Your Announcers and Open Thread For Blues-Penguins

St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh, 7PM, VERSUS
Play by Play:
John Forslund
Color: Billy Jaffe
Reporter: Sarah Kustok

What Other Cable Networks Would You Like to See Hockey On?

Last year, we did a piece called The TV Set, where set out four different plans about how the NHL could change it’s station on broadcast television.

Well, next week, we’re going to be doing another four-parter, about where the next home of the NHL on cable should be, and then a larger VERSUS post on Friday, talking about how we’d remodel the network’s coverage.

What American cable channels would you like to see NHL hockey on?


Your Next Evicted Couple on Battle of the Blades is…

Barbara Underhill and Ron Duguay, one of the hardest working pairs in the competition, were the third pair iced, as the results were revealed during tonight’s broadcast on BATTLE OF THE BLADES. Christine Hough-Sweeney and Tie Domi are the third pair to be saved, joining the four remaining pairs for a chance to win $100,000 for the charity of their choice.

The two pairs with the fewest votes in the third week of competition were Underhill and Duguay, who skated to Michael Bublé’s Sway, and Hough-Sweeney and Domi, who performed their routine to Gerardo’s Rico Suave. Both pairs performed again before the panel of judges, Sandra Bezic, Dick Button and guest judge George Stroumboulopoulos, host of CBC’s The Hour, for a final chance to remain on the show.

All three judges agreed Underhill and Duguay’s performance hit the mark musically and Bezic thanked them for their commitment throughout the competition, calling Underhill in particular a “role model”. For their efforts, Underhill’s Canadian charity, Bloorview Kids Rehab, will receive a $12,500 donation, and Duguay’s charity, World Vision Canada, will receive a $12,500 donation.

The five pairs returning to compete on Sunday, October 25 are: Shae-Lynn Bourne and Claude Lemieux, Marie-France Dubreuil and Stéphane Richer, Jodeyne Higgins and Ken Daneyko, Christine Hough-Sweeney and Tie Domi, Jamie Salé and Craig Simpson.

The soulful sounds of R&B will be the musical theme for the show next week, giving contestants a chance to groove and glide to its powerful lyrics and undeniable rhythms.

Reigning World Champion Yu-Na Kim will grace the ice with a guest performance for the skate-off show on Monday, October 26 at 8:00 p.m. Kim, training under Canada’s own skating legend Brian Orser, is considered to be one of the favourites for the gold medal at the Vancouver2010 Winter Olympics.

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