VERSUS, NHL Net Missing Out on an Opportunity By Skipping on Battle of the Blades

Look, I’m sure all hockey fans were skeptical about Battle of the Blades when it was first announced.  However, from what I’ve seen on Youtube, it’s been an exuberant joy to watch.  These athletes (and Ken Daneyko) are clearly having a ball doing this, and the skaters are bringing it too.  Ron MacLean keeps things moving as host, and the rotating panel of judgings keeps the show from getting boring, and Dick Button is always entertaining.

Yet, there has been no real call from hockey fans to get the series on television in the United States.  So here’s our: VERSUS & NHL Network, please try to get Battle of the Blades on TV.  If not now, re-air season 1 after it finishes airing on Canada, because it seems pretty clear that, due to the ratings, they’ll figure out a way to do this again in Canada.  For VERSUS, a weekly airing of both the performance and results shows (or a compilation of the two) before NHL telecasts on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I loved it when VERSUS aired “The Tournament” a few years back.

For NHL Network, we could see hours and hours of marathon viewings of this show.  It probably wouldn’t cost too much to air here.  Though it might be boring to those who have seen the clips on YouTube, and the datedness could affect who watches, it is something that the American hockey fan should be able to see.  Hey, if SOAPNet could get that CBC hockey wives’ show, why not this?


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2 Responses to VERSUS, NHL Net Missing Out on an Opportunity By Skipping on Battle of the Blades

  1. Bill says:

    This is such a no-brainer that you know they’ll pass on it.

    I loved The Tournament too. Second season not so much but the first season was great.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m not much of a figure skating fan (unless it’s at the Olympics), but I really enjoy watching this show. My only fear is that Tie Domi wins this competition, then you know it’s rigged, because he was one of the worst skaters in NHL history.

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