Bob Dylan: Hockey Fan?

We make no secret here at Puck the Media of our joyous love for Bruce Springsteen and the Powerful E-Street Band.  So it was safe to say that when saxophone player Clarence Clemons’ memoir Big Man (co-written by TV legend Don Reo) was released to the shelves, we’d be out there to get it.

Well, we did, and the book is a great, amusing mix of real life stories and “legends” that Clarence tells, that may or may not be true.  One of the best is when the Big Man meets with singer/former Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman, and all of a sudden Bob Dylan shows up (this is far from the craziest combination of characters in the book) and this exchange takes place:

It was quiet for a while.  They sat and listened to the storm.
“I always meant to ask you, Bob, who’s your favorite performer?” said Kinky.
“I’ve always liked Gary Unger from St. Louis,” said Bob.  He put his hand to his chin and thought awhile.
Clarence stole a glance at Kinky and mouthed the question Gary Unger? Kinky shrugged.
“Bobby Clarke,” Bob continued.  “Dan Maloney, Butch Goring…”
“I thought I knew every musician in the world,” said Kinky.  “But I’ve never heard of these guys.”
“They’re hockey players,” said Bob.  “When you said ‘performers’ I thought you were talking about hockey players.”

And so on it goes.  Now, as Clarence says in the book, these are legends.  But the conversations are said to have taken place.  Besides, names like Butch Goring and Gary Unger?  Those are too specific to not be true.  Either Clemons is a hockey fan, or Dylan is.

It’s probably not all that shocking that Dylan was/is a puckhead, considering he comes from Minnesota.  That said, how awesome would it be to catch Bob Dylan out at a game?  And that he loves Bobby Clarke!  This is great stuff, and all the more reason you should check out Big Man.

4 Responses to Bob Dylan: Hockey Fan?

  1. Derek says:

    That is pretty cool stuff. I love Dylan. The ole country folk singer a pucker. Who would’ve thought? I doubt we’ll ever see him at a game as he’s far too private.

  2. Awesome. I’m a big Dylan fan.

  3. ClarenceCampbell says:

    Just to keep with the hockey theme Kinky Friedman used to hang out with the New York Rangers back in the Esposito/Duguay days in the early 80s. In fact he wrote a song about the team called Thin Ice which became the name of a great book written about that team. Great book if you can find a copy.

  4. Chris says:

    Dylan’s a hockey fan — mentions pucks a couple of times in his memoir “Chronicles.”

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