Should the NHL Give Playoff Tripleheaders a Shot?

Some amazing ideas can come from just b.s.-ing around with your buddies.  That’s why Twitter is so great.  Sometimes you and your fellow bloggers can postulate on some potentially terrific ideas.  Other times, they can rip you to shreds for offhand remarks in previous pieces you’ve written, but you have to take the good and take the bad we suppose.

So here’s the idea we thought of: You all know how the MLB throws playoff triple-headers at their fans every day for the next few days?  Why not try that with the NHL’s first-round?  What about throwing games on at 5:30/8/10:30?  Or a little more conservatively, 6/8:30/11?  You’d need to have the 5:30/6 game be a team that almost automatically sells out, and the Canadian networks might object, but honestly, who would dislike this?

Well, that’s where you, the reader come in.  What do you thing about playoff tripleheaders?  Something worth trying?  Or not worth the aggravation of convincing teams to start games at 5:30/6 ET.  Let me know in the comments.

18 Responses to Should the NHL Give Playoff Tripleheaders a Shot?

  1. Derek says:

    I love it! This is a great idea. I remember when ESPN used to have those afternoon playoff games with another at night. Did they also do a Western game as well?

    I would love to see it but wonder if the networks they’re on would approve.

  2. Scotty says:

    YES!!!!! It would definitly be an awesome thing to do. The problem though is start times. I know Phillies and Rockies fans aren’t happy they played when they did but they sold out still I believe. I think 5:30 EST, 8:15 EST, 11:00 EST are the times to start. I think one problem there could be is Versus doesn’t have a sister network. If you only schedule 2 1/2 hours between games it will be close to missing faceoff. Hence the 2 hours 45 minutes in my thought. You are going to need teams to be willing to do this but I wonder what sentiment within the teams would be. I think it would be a huge plus for the league.

  3. E says:

    I think this would be great. I think 5pm, 8pm, and 11pm should be the starting times. It would give a little more cushion for potentioal over times. I understand that due to possible long overtimes, we may miss the beginning of a game, but, it’s worth it to have this amount of action in 1 night. I would love to go out to a bar after work at 5pm and watch the first game.
    Also, I think the first round weekend we should be able to get a quadruple header on Saturday and Sunday. Imagine 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm starting times. That’s what hockey is all about!
    I hope the NHL would do this.

  4. Colton says:

    They already do this on HNIC, some saturdays.

  5. leafsfan1967 says:

    This of course assumes that there are people actually able to watch the “NHL’s Cable Partner”?

  6. leafsfan1967 says:

    “>> and the Canadian networks might object…”

    Shouldn’t the NHL care if the Canadian networks object?

  7. Justin says:

    It would be a great idea. Does Versus even have enough broadcasters and production trucks to pull this off? Haha sorry I couldn’t resist a shot at them again!

  8. Mike in Idaho says:

    I think history shows that the NHL generally doesn’t care when the Canadian networks object. The last few years NBC got their wish of playoff games on Saturday afternoons when the CBC wanted Saturday nights for their standard HNIC window.

  9. leafsfan1967 says:

    >>I think history shows that the NHL generally doesn’t care when the Canadian networks object

    Well said. The NHL cares about Canada only insofar as it continues to provide some of the best hockey players in the world and has stable franchises. The fact that Canadians are the core of their fan base makes little or no difference to the NHL.

  10. Colton says:

    There’s 4 times as many teams in the United States than there are in Canada. The actual majority audience is in the United States.

    Having said that. CBC should get the priority because they pay the most for tv rights out of all the networks.

  11. leafsfan1967 says:

    >>There’s 4 times as many teams in the United States than there are in Canada. The actual majority audience is in the United States.

    What are we comparing here? If it’s national audiences CBC beats Versus every time….

  12. Trizent says:

    As already alluded to there are tripleheaders every year on basically every weekend in the first round and sometimes the 2nd round in the NHL every year since the lockout.

  13. Scotty says:

    Canada doesn’t count in this convo…and not just because its Canada, they know how to cover hockey already. They have CBC, TSN, TSN2. Canada=good. USA=need help. Versus needs a friend other than NBC. Heck CNBC, MSNBC, USA? They will all have hockey in Feb for the Olympics. Why not in April for the Playoffs. But alas the triple headers will work. Versus must sign off on them. Then if they have a sister network they can move starts over there. Tonight my TWINS (yes I will still claim them even with the result) played on TBS past the start of the next game. So they moved the start of the next game to TNT until the Yankees finally put us away. So if the Wild are in the playoffs in April (okay I know wishful thinking) and go overtime (as they do a lot when they make the playoffs). Then Versus could move the start of the 2nd or 3rd game to a sister network. Even without a sister network triple headers work, but if the first game goes 4 ots then well issues arise. And then we blame Versus for that.

  14. Tom says:

    Not bad, but you can’t expect people to get to a game at 5:30 ET. It would have to be a Northeast team because it won’t sell out in the south, and in Chicago and the midwest it would be 4:30. And the team taht sells out the most is also going to be a good draw in Primetime and Versus won’t do taht. Like the thinking out of the box, but I just don’t see it. However, Tripleheaders (or quadrupleheaders) on weekends would work. Saturday (12:30 Versus, 3:30 NBC, 7:00 & 9:30 on Versus). teh onlyway tripleheaders would work on a weekday is to stagger the start times (630, 8 & 10) and join games in progress.

  15. Trizent says:

    I am refering to the tripleheaders that have been on a combo of NBC and VERSUS in the first couple of rounds on weekends, so yes USA.

  16. Dave Sullivan says:

    Versus has cable exclusivity for through next season, so this would have to wait. And I don’t think they’re capable of producing three games on the same day. One of the games would have to be a simulcast of another network’s broadcast.

    And once again, where in hell would CBC be without the NHL?

  17. Dave Sullivan says:

    I mean, bringing in a cable partner would have to wait.

  18. SeanT. says:

    It’s worth a shot. Speaking as a Canadian, the Canadian networks probably wouldn’t care. Local CBC news traditionally gets pre-empted for the playoffs west of Ontario, and this season it’s starting an hour earlier. TSN won’t complain because hockey easily draws at least 5 times the ratings of PTI. Versus’s lack of a sister station isn’t as big a deal because, unlike baseball, there’s still local coverage allowed for the first two rounds.

    Heck, team up with NBC for a quadruple-header on weekends: the peacock takes a 1:00 game, VS. takes the puck at 4:00, 7:00, and 10:00 (or something like that). It would make sure more early round games got full national exposure, at least.

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