Should the NHL Give Playoff Tripleheaders a Shot?

Some amazing ideas can come from just b.s.-ing around with your buddies.  That’s why Twitter is so great.  Sometimes you and your fellow bloggers can postulate on some potentially terrific ideas.  Other times, they can rip you to shreds for offhand remarks in previous pieces you’ve written, but you have to take the good and take the bad we suppose.

So here’s the idea we thought of: You all know how the MLB throws playoff triple-headers at their fans every day for the next few days?  Why not try that with the NHL’s first-round?  What about throwing games on at 5:30/8/10:30?  Or a little more conservatively, 6/8:30/11?  You’d need to have the 5:30/6 game be a team that almost automatically sells out, and the Canadian networks might object, but honestly, who would dislike this?

Well, that’s where you, the reader come in.  What do you thing about playoff tripleheaders?  Something worth trying?  Or not worth the aggravation of convincing teams to start games at 5:30/6 ET.  Let me know in the comments.


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