Coyotes Finally Have a TV Deal, Schedule

While the hockey fans in Phoenix will lose one of their broadcast partners, the independent station AZ-TV, they will have 50 games on TV in high definition, and have Dave Strader back for another year.  They also have a hockey team.  This is good news.  Anyway, the announcement, with the schedule below:

FOX Sports Arizona will locally televise 50 Coyotes regular season games during the upcoming campaign, all of which will be broadcast in High Definition. Of the 50 Coyotes games being televised by FOX Sports Arizona, 28 will be road games while 22 will be home games. In addition, the Coyotes’ road game on Tuesday, Jan. 26 against the Detroit Red Wings will be telecast on Versus, the NHL’s national cable broadcast partner.

“We are thrilled to partner with FOX Sports Arizona for a 13th season to broadcast a comprehensive schedule of Coyotes hockey,” said Moss. “For the first time ever, all of our FOX Sports Arizona broadcasts will be available in High Definition. Coyotes fans can enjoy a variety of great match-ups throughout the season, including a game against the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins the first week of the season, as well as games versus the Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs. In addition, many of the Coyotes’ Pacific Division match-ups will also be televised.”

“We are pleased to be the television home of the Phoenix Coyotes once again,” said FOX Sports Arizona Senior Vice President & General Manager Mike Connelly. “Coyotes fans can look forward to watching all 50 games we produce in High Definition and we are also working towards televising approximately 13 more games on a tape delay basis. We are committed to providing local sports fans what they want to watch and this schedule does just that.”

Coyotes’ television play-by-play announcer Dave Strader returns for his third season as a Coyotes broadcaster. Strader will be joined in the broadcast booth by new television analyst Tyson Nash, who returns for his second season as a Coyotes broadcaster. Last season, Nash served as the team’s radio analyst, and will continue to serve in that role for Coyotes games that are not televised. In addition, Todd Walsh returns as host and reporter for the television broadcasts.

4 Responses to Coyotes Finally Have a TV Deal, Schedule

  1. Tim says:

    Only 50 games? Geez, not even the local sports station wants the Coyotes around…

    I mean, seriously, is there any other team with a worse package than this?

  2. Derek says:

    Yikes. That franchise is a complete debacle. I feel for the fans.

  3. leafsfan1967 says:

    ….What a sad state this franchise is in, but let’s never ever let it move where it might actually be wanted….. Hey what about moving it to Canada? Woops sorry I forgot, that’s a no go area for the NHL “brains trust”.

    It’s a real shame that the great game of hockey is being so badly messed up by the people running the NHL….

  4. Al says:

    Bettman is obsessed with making sure every U.S. hockey market keeps its team even if that city doesn’t care. The local media doesn’t want to televise the games, nobody except Balsille wants to buy the team, etc…

    I like that the NHL doesn’t want to contract teams like MLB tried to but cut your losses. Give the team to Balsille, move it to Canada, preferably back to Winnipeg, and start over.

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