ESPN Details NHL Coverage… For Other Countries

A new National Hockey League (NHL) season begins on Thursday 1st October live at midnight on ESPN America and for the first time in the UK in high definition on new channelESPN HD when the Montreal Canadiens visit the Toronto Maple Leafs.

This is the first of over 300 live and as-live NHL games to feature on ESPN’s UK television channels during the 2009/10 season, including the four-game CompuWare NHL Premiere games in Stockholm and Helsinki. ESPN America, ESPN and ESPN HD will show the best of the regular season, play-offs and Stanley Cup Final games, as part of their most comprehensive coverage of the world’s premier ice hockey league in the UK ever. In addition, over 1,000 games a season – around 40 games a week – will be available to watch online via subscription at, either live or on-demand.

This season’s CompuWare NHL Premiere games in Europe come from Stockholm with Detroit Red Wings facing St Louis Blues and Helsinki with Chicago Blackhawks against Florida Panthers. ESPN America will broadcast live double headers on both Friday 2nd October and Saturday 3rd October from 5pm. After the games end in Europe, the NHL heads back to North America where every team will aim to make it to the play-offs and a chance of winning the championship.

Earlier this year, the Pittsburgh Penguins lifted the Stanley Cup for the third time in their history after a tense series that ended 4-3 against the Detroit Red Wings and both those teams are expected to be there or thereabouts come the end of the season. With at least seven games a week shown on ESPN America, ESPN, ESPN HD and throughout the season, there will be more than enough NHL to satisfy even the most hungry hockey fans. The live action will be accompanied by nightly coverage with NHL On The Fly on ESPN America, the NHL Network’s signature show bringing fans NHL highlights from all the games that night insuring viewers will always be up-to-date on all the latest action from around the league.

Jeroen Oerlemans, ESPN, Vice President, TV Channels Europe, Middle East and Africa commented: “We are very proud to broadcast the NHL Premiere games live from the Globe Arena in Sweden and Hartwall Areena in Helsinki, the home country of several high profile NHL players. With a big expat community in the UK, we know that fans will also appreciate our authentic coverage for the 300 other games which come directly from the arenas in the US and Canada. We also hope that once sports fans see the quality of our programming from the NHL and other North-American leagues, they will regularly tune into ESPN America, ESPN (HD) and”

5 Responses to ESPN Details NHL Coverage… For Other Countries

  1. Lee says:

    Do you have any idea of how much ESPN pays the NHL for these rights?

  2. Chris Wassel says:

    Man this one just hurts right in the gonads!

  3. Al says:

    And the worst part is the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest on July 4th will probably get more coverage than the NHL for the entire season in America.

    • Sean says:

      AL . your just another ignorant American that has no idea what a great game hockey really is. It is more exciting then thugball I mean basketball, more exciting the baseball, you can even go as far as saying it is more exciting then your typical NFL game. It’s got speed, agility and skillset like no other sport because it is played on ice for one thing. Talk to anyone who has played all 4 sports and 95% will tell you hockey is by far the most difficult to play and takes the most skill to play at the high level it is played at. Go see an NHL game live, there are alot of other athletes in those other 3 sports that thought the same way as you until they actually went to see an NHL game live and now most if not all of these other athletes are die-hard hockey fans. The game doesn’t get the coverage because of people like you not giving it a chance. There are no days off for any player in the NHL because of the high speed and aggressiveness it is played at it is impossible for a player to take a night off and not play as hard unlike the other 3 sports were you see it all too often. Take a look at NBA arenas and just look at the empty seats at most of the venues, it’s only the 4 or 5 major teams in the NBA like the lakers, celtics etc.. that are filling there arenas. On tv NBA games look like ghost towns cause people are getting tired of the sport and just not going to see live games. Dont beleive me, do the research yourself, most NHL games are filled every night.. BTW I’m a fan of all the 4 major sports in north america , I’m just stating facts I read about all to often on the internet in blogs and other media centers.

  4. Al says:

    Sean, I was trying to make a joke. Hockey is my favorite sport. I also ike all the major pro sports. In order, NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB. My point was ESPN will never devote time to hockey in America, if they don’t own the rights. They did the same thing w/ nascar from 2001-2006. Suddenly in 2007, there are nascar storiess on Sportscenter, they’ve their own NHL2Night style show. They will cover every other sport more than hockey unless they own the league’s broadcast rights.

    BTW, I watch every Capitals game on TV, every Versus weeknight game, each NBC weekend, and anything streaming on the Internet. I don’t have the money to pay go to a lot of games in-person so I watch on TV.

    ESPN would report on the hot dog eating contest because they own the rights to it and probably for some asinine reason ESPN thinks it’s more compelling. I’m ticked off as any other hockey fan.

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