Not Televising All 82 Games Across 2 Networks Are Teams’ Most Egregious Sin

The Anaheim Ducks have announced their 2009-10 TV schedule.  Now usually, this would elicit nothing more than a bullet-point on the Monday local TV roundup.  However, the Ducks awful TV schedule brings me to a clueless technicality of the NHL team’s TV schedules.

See, the Ducks have 69 games on local TV.  Three will air as part of the LA Kings TV package.  50 will air on FS Prime and FS West.  16 more will be televised on local independent station KDOC out of LA.

So, let us recap.  This is three networks covering one hockey team.  Yet, there are 13 games untelevised.  It would only require PRIME and KDOC another 6-7 games to get the entire schedule on TV in the country’s 2nd largest media market.  We understand the challenges of travel and costs of televising especially a Western Conference team’s games, but four of the untelecasted games are home tilts, and six of them are at least in the Mountain Time Zone, if not the Pacific.

This is similar to what the St. Louis Blues had going on with FS Midwest and the team’s local CW affiliate.  It’s the same as what Minnesota has been doing with FS North and KSTC.  Why teams have two networks willing to televise their games, yet won’t air all 82 is an even larger disservice to that team’s fans.

One Response to Not Televising All 82 Games Across 2 Networks Are Teams’ Most Egregious Sin

  1. Scotty says:

    I completely agree with this article. I can tell you that Fox sports North does this with Twins and Timberwolves games too. They have the games for the Wolves on KSTC and FSN North but yet still can’t get all the games on. Now I tried to give benefit of the doubt and look up if maybe their are huge conflicts with the Wolves, Wild and Gopher Hockey schedule because is FS North is doing the Gophers KSTC could only do one game. However knowing FS North I shouldn’t have wasted my time because there aren’t. I’m just glad other teams go through this too, I just thought it was Minnesota fans who had crappy tv people.

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