Local TV Roundup: 2 Weeks Worth of TV Updates

Teams covered in previous weeks: Los Angeles, Washington, Calgary, Minnesota, Columbus, Toronto, Montreal.

Today’s Roundup:

  • The Atlanta Thrashers have 61 games on local TV, while none will air on VERSUS.  The more important information is that TV voice JP Delacamera will not return to the team’s booth.  One has to think that his duties as the voice of soccer in the United States proved just too prohibiting.  Matt McConnell, the team’s voice on TV during the 99-00 and 02-03 seasons, will return to SportSouth and FS South’s booths with Darren Eliot.
  • The noatbly snubbed by VERSUS Carolina Hurricanes have 65 of their 82 games on FS Carolinas, which is unacceptable for that fanbase, but whatever.  These teams need to discover for themselves that a larger presence on local TV is such a valuable promotional tool.
  • The Chicago Blackhawks are a team that recognizes this.  I know, right!  The Hawks, for the 2nd year in a row, will have all 82 games on TV (in HD) via CSN Chicago, local outlet WGN, VERSUS and NBC.  54 games are on the Comcast network, while 17-20 (depending on NBC’s Game of the Week picks) will air on WGN, almost exclusively on weekends.  CSN will also air a pre-season game, “Classic” Hawks matchups from last year’s playoff run, and coverage of the team’s training camp festival.
  • The Stars, strangely enough, have 81 games potentially on local TV.  70 will air on FS Southwest and FS Southwest+.  All home telecasts and select road games will be in high definition.  Five games air on VERSUS, while one is a potential NBC game, with no back-up plan when it isn’t chosen.  However, the season’s last game vs. Minnesota is listed as “TBD”.  This needs to change, as it could be Mike Modano’s final NHL game.  We hope the Stars will rectify this.
  • The Red Wings quietly post their TV schedule.  Once again, the Red Wings are a model franchise with all 82 games on FS Detroit or FS Detroit+ (in addition to the national networks).  However, no HD plans have been announced as of yet.
  • The Florida Panthers have 73 games on local TV, 2nd most of the Southeast Division teams, plus newsmagazines and a pre-season special.  71 games air on FS Florida, while 1 will air on VERSUS, another on NHL Network and 6 more will be un-blacked out on Center Ice.
  • 68 Ottawa Senators games are on local/national TV.  However, the team does run a pay-per-view service, so we’ll re-visit that when they announce it.
  • Finally, 66 Tampa Bay Lightning games have TV coverage.  Sun Sports will carry 65, while VERSUS airs one.

8 Responses to Local TV Roundup: 2 Weeks Worth of TV Updates

  1. leafsfan1967 says:

    The big issue for the NHL from a broadcasting point of view is the continuing stand off between Versus and DirecTV. Here’s hoping that behind the scenes the NHL is putting pressure on both sides to come to terms.

  2. Eric says:

    All 82 Isles games (plus 2 pre-season games) will be tv’d.

    MSG+/MSG+2 have 80 regular season and 2 pre-season (1 of which is tonight, and will be simulcast of national feed) while Versus has 2 exclusive games.

    More detail on my blog.

  3. Chris says:

    Steve, do you know if tonight’s Islanders/Canucks game is a production of the NHL Network with their own announcers, or are they using the MSG or Sportsnet Pacific feed?

  4. leafsfan1967 says:

    Steve, do you know when the NHL Network US will be releasing their regular season schedule.? I’m most interested in knowing if they are taking the Hockey Night in Canada package again this year….

  5. Trizent says:

    Oilers announced that they will have 16 games in PPV this year. (all HD)

  6. dyhrdmet says:

    it should be noted that the Blackhawks WGN package is local to Chicago only (the Bulls by contrast have some WGN games available on the Superstation and the Cubs and White Sox have all their WGN games nationally).

    Any of us that follow trends can expect all Rangers, Devils, and Islanders games to appear on MSG, MSG+, MSG2, and MSG+2, and hopefully as few games as possible on MSG2 and MSG+2 since they don’t have HD (yet – shame on Cablevision). Flyers – probably all games on CSN and Comcast Network in HD and Bruins – expect all on NESN HD, with the Versus and NBC games the exceptions.

    I just have to say “shame on you” to all of those teams that leave games unbroadcast. And remember that some of these teams have to figure out HD scheduling in the next few weeks. Just sit back and enjoy all the preseason games on NHL Nework and your local station (I’ll be on Rangers overload before Opening Night).

  7. dyhrdmet says:

    I saw a bunch more TV schedules out today (Rangers, Devils, Predators, some of the Canadian teams).

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