VERSUS To Air New Sports Business Show on Tuesdays

We love talking about sports business and the sports media, so this show is generally for us, and readers of this blog.  VERSUS debuts “Sports Take” tonight at 6:30, and will air new episodes every Tuesday night at 6:30.  Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News has more:

Versus has secured the rights to a sports business show, The $ports Take, that it will debut later this month.
Hosted by “The Sports Professor” Rick Horrow, the series will offer insights about the hottest topics in sports business and will feature high-profile guests, including league commissioners, sportscasters, politicians and celebrities giving their candid opinions and analysis.

Horrow has authored more than 100 deals in sports and other infrastructure projects with a total worth of more than $13 billion. He has served as visiting expert on sports law at The Harvard Law School and also provides insight as the sports business analyst for CNN, Fox Sports, BusinessWeek and the BBC. 
In the debut episode, viewers will get in-depth insight from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, as well as Bryan Trubey, key architect on the project from HKS, Inc. about the new 100,000-seat Cowboys Stadium. It will also feature a tour of the new stadium prior to the team’s first pre-season home game. 
Future installments will include exclusive interviews with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, PGA of America CEO Joe Steranka and NBA commissioner David Stern.

Sounds like it should be a fascinating watch before Tuesday night hockey on VERSUS.  Speaking of which, TV SCHEDULE TOMORROW!  STAY TUNED!

Your Morning Music Breakdown

Welcome to Tuesday, we’re all so glad you came.

We’re still working on the JR roundtable.  Some people haven’t gotten back to us, so… we’ll wait that out and so will you.

More fun today.  Call it off.

This Clip is Amazing

There, your day is complete.

Your Morning Music Breakdown

Well hello there.  Second straight week of posting regularly.  Wha???? I know!

Schedule Wednesday at Noon.  Until then, we’ll pass the time by.  We have a YouTube clip that you need to see today at Noon.  Seriously.

Until then, on with the day.  Miss Flack says so.

Likely NHL Network/HNIC Schedule

This is without the regional games, etc.  This is probably what we’ll see on NHL Net.  Get ready for a ton of Leafs games, kids.

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Mitch Albom Shares Secrets of the Octopus in Detroit on Craig Ferguson

Your Morning Music Breakdown

Friday of another edition of Puck the Media’s summer of absentee fathering.

As the TV schedule comes out next week, we’ll be back for our 2nd week in a row.  I know!  Can you believe it?  We’re over-extending ourselves.

Anyway, Wednesday is the day to be here.

Today, you’ll see Mitch Albom and Craig Ferguson discuss octopi.  Not much else.

On with Friday.  Third Eye Blind’s Ursa Major is in stores Tuesday.  Get it, because you love the 90’s and amazing music.  Give me back my keys.

Does Blue Jackets TV Schedule Give Us Hints At VERSUS Schedule?

The Blue Jackets are first out of the gate of the NHL’s 30 teams in announcing their television schedule.  Puck-rakers notes the seven games not to be televised by FS Ohio:

Home: Oct. 13 vs. Calgary Flames; Dec. 28 vs. Detroit Red Wings; March 15 vs. Edmonton Oilers

Away: Dec. 1 vs. Chicago Blackhawks; Dec. 15 vs. Minnesota Wild; Jan. 5 vs. Vancouver Canucks; April 5 vs. St. Louis Blues.

Please note that November 24th against Montreal is on the Blue Jackets TV schedule, so VERSUS will be taking that night off, as it is the only game on a Tuesday night (They may, however, be airing the Washington-Montreal game at Olympic Stadium later that week… if it happens, that is).  Columbus-Chicago December 1st is the other game we guaranteed on VERSUS, so that one will be on the network.

October 13th vs. Calgary is a Tuesday, but an unlikely TV candidate.  December 15th is a Tuesday against Minnesota, and has a better chance at getting on VERSUS.  December 28th against Detroit is a Monday night game that VERSUS will likely air.  January 5th and March 15th against Vancouver and Edmonton are unlikely, but April 5th is a Monday night vs. St. Louis that has a shot. 

Cheers, Blue Jackets, for helping us out a little here.  The entire TV schedule comes out next Wednesday.

Your Morning Music Breakdown

It’s day after TV schedule day!  Not… as excited?

Oh well, we shall have more coverage, potentially some VERSUS announcer predictions.  Hopefully posting that Roenick piece today.

Let’s move on.  Just find the horizon.

Sean Burke, Ken Daneyko and Ron Duguay Round Out Cast of CBC’s Battle of the Blades

The grace and athleticism of Canada’s most accomplished and decorated female figure skaters are set to join the star studded cast of CBC Television’s BATTLE OF THE BLADES, premiering in October. With a combined total of 17 Olympic and World Champion medals, Jamie Salé, Shae- Lynn Bourne, Isabelle Brasseur, Barbara Underhill, Marie-France Dubreuil, Christine Hough-Sweeney, Jodeyne Higgins and Kristina Lenko have reached the pinnacle of success in amateur and professional figure skating.  Now these elite athletes face their biggest challenge yet – making eight NHL hockey stars understand the nuances and skill of pairs skating.

In addition to these world class female figure skaters, NHL’ers Sean Burke, Ken Daneyko and Ron Duguay have been added to complete the men’s roster. They join previously announced Glenn Anderson, Tie Domi, Bob Probert, Craig Simpson and Stéphane Richer in a fierce competition of athleticism, drama and intrigue. Due to a recent injury, Lanny McDonald is unable to participate in the competition.

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