Local TV Roundup: Kings Go All-HD, Caps Announce Games

Another look at the announcements of TV schedules for each team in anticipation of the NHL season:

  • The Kings have joined a not-large-enough-yet group of teams that broadcast all their games in HD.  Er, at least all the ones that are on TV.  65 Kings games will air on FS West HD.  It’s assumed that three other games will air on FS Prime Ticket as Ducks telecasts, and an additional VERSUS game against the Blackhawks early in the season.  However, the fact that the NHL’s franchise in the 2nd largest American market will have 13 games unavailable to viewers is pretty unacceptable.  Still, good for the Kings fans who love the HD.
  • Meanwhile, the Washington Capitals will air 79 games on TV.  Strangely, none of the games off TV have anything to do with VERSUS’ game of the week exclusivity.  Come on NHL teams, stop being so lazy and find someone to air these leftover games.  The Blackhawks showed us all that having 82 games on TV doesn’t affect attendance… or something.
  • 80 Calgary Flames games will air on Sportsnet West, CBC, TSN and the team’s pay-per-view service, which will air 10 games.  I’ve always wanted to see a game in a movie theater, which is what many of the Canadian teams that do pay-per-view air the games on.  But 10 seems like a little bit much.

4 Responses to Local TV Roundup: Kings Go All-HD, Caps Announce Games

  1. Josh says:

    Those PPV theatre games – can they also be ordered at home through cable or satellite? I know that when the Sens had a package of PPV games in seasons past (yuck, spit), that was the case and in fact I don’t think they did the movie theatre thing at all.

    Other question: can bars buy them? Wouldn’t that undercut the theatre product?

    I seem to remember last spring sitting in a bar in Prince George, BC, watching a Canucks PPV-cast versus the Ducks…

  2. leafsfan1967 says:

    Steve what’s the word on the DirecTV Versus mess and in particular what the NHL is doing other than the “don’t worry be happy” approach they had last week?

  3. Trizent says:

    Bars all over will carry the PPV games with no cover charge.

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