Local TV Roundup: Avs Fire Radio Analyst, Wild Spread Across

Each week for the rest of the off-season on Mondays, we’ll point you to each NHL team’s regional TV schedule as it comes out.

  • The Avalanche are first out of the gate, and with it comes news that they’ve significantly reduced the role of radio color analyst Norm Jones, who’s being scaled back due to budget cuts.  However, the Avs do have all 82 games on TV (one of our big rules about local TV coverage) and all of them will be in high definition on owner Stan Kroenke’s Altitude network.
  • For a team in such a great hockey market, it’s pretty flabbergasting as to why the Minnesota Wild don’t have all 82 games on TV.  77 will make it to air on FS North, independent station KSTC-45 and ABC affiliate 5 Eyewitness News (plus VERSUS).
  • The Blue Jackets will also hit the 77 game total, combining FS Ohio and VERSUS.  Let’s just hope their new reporters and studio hosts don’t be too negative Nancy on them.
  • The Leafs will have all 82 games aired across Sportsnet, CBC, TSN and Leafs TV (in order of games televised).  The Habs have all 82 on RDS in French.  Why don’t the Habs produce an english broadcast?

9 Responses to Local TV Roundup: Avs Fire Radio Analyst, Wild Spread Across

  1. leafsfan1967 says:

    The Habs have never to my knowledge had a full slate of games on English TV. I guess people are supposed to use the english radio broadcast if they want english play by play. This of course isn’t easy with synch issues between over the air and cable/sattelite feeds…

  2. The Habs would have an English broadcast (TSN showed games regionally in the past), but RDS has universal TV rights for all games not on CBC.

  3. Chris says:

    Rogers Sportsnet aired some English Habs games many years ago. From what I’ve heard, The Score has official rights to some Habs games, but the Score doesn’t have a CRTC license to split the network feeds up with the rest of Canada.

  4. Josh says:

    Another consideration re: Habs, is that people in Montreal generally speak French, and they’d rather watch the RDS broadcasters, homers though they are, than watch Rob Faulds or some other parachuter on an English-language broadcast. The RDS brand is pretty strong in Montreal in the English and French communities – a good number of English speakers also watch the Alouettes (of the CFL) en francais even though all their games are on TSN as well.

  5. dyhrdmet says:

    Habs actually have 41 of their 82 games (exactly half) in English on CBC and TSN.

  6. Josh says:

    But those are national broadcasts. CBC and TSN don’t tray Montreal like the *home team*. I think Steve was asking why there are no local English-language Habs broadcasts.

    • dyhrdmet says:

      with half the games already in English in an area that is certainly OK with games being broadcast in French, like it’s said below, unreal numbers on RDS, there is no need to broadcast the other half in English.

      NHL Network’s 5 original productions last year had either Ottawa or Montreal in games that weren’t otherwise broadcast in English in Canada.

      In Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, which games do they get on Rogers SportsNet?

  7. Trizent says:

    RDS is a really strong network in Quebec (on basic cable) and does unreal numbers, better than CBC English numbers for Habs when games are on both. Basically as what was said by Ryan Flanagan earlier in this thread RDS is protecting their own interests by not splitting the audience by having those games sold off to English broadcasters. RDS pays big bucks for those rights and protects its asset.

    As a somewhat aside, for those that don’t know RDS and TSN have the same owners. Those owners also own part of NHL NETWORK Canada … you will see a few Habs English games show up on there as well.

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