NHL Net Looks to Add Pregame Show, Get to 50 Million Homes

SNL interactive had an interview with NHL Net U.S. general manager Jody Shapiro and NHL COO John Collins about a mixed bag of things.  Tim Doyle’s entire interview is here.  A short selection:

 In terms of programming, we’re looking at doing a pregame show before each night, which would be a whip-around to each one of the arenas, the skate before the game, interviews and analysis that night so people can get a real feeling for what’s on tap that evening.

We also have plans for live shows during the day.

Do this, NHL Network, please do this.  It’s been rumored forever that the network is launching a new studio this coming season, put it to use!

Your Morning Music Breakdown

Friday.  Yay.

We’ll see where the day takes us.  Hoedown!