Your 2009-10 NHL On NBC Flex Schedule

Jan. 1
1:00 PM
Philadelphia vs. Boston (Winter Classic) 

Jan. 17
12:30 PM
Chicago vs. Detroit
OR Philadelphia vs. Washington

Jan. 24
12:30 PM
Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia
OR Boston vs. Carolina

Jan. 31
12:30 PM
Detroit vs. Pittsburgh
OR Tampa Bay vs. Washington

Feb. 7
12:30 PM
Pittsburgh vs. Washington
OR Boston vs. Montreal (We know, try not to laugh)

Mar. 7
12:30 PM
Boston vs. Pittsburgh
OR Detroit vs. Chicago
OR Carolina vs. Atlanta (Again, no chuckles from the peanut gallery, please)

Mar. 14
12:30 PM
Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
OR Pittsburgh vs. Tampa Bay
OR Washington vs. Chicago
OR Colorado vs. Dallas

Mar. 21
12:30 PM
NY Rangers vs. Boston
OR Buffalo vs. Carolina (I said quiet!) 

Apr. 4
12:30 PM
Detroit vs. Philadelphia

Apr. 11
Boston vs. Washington
OR NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia
OR Detroit vs. Chicago  

6 Responses to Your 2009-10 NHL On NBC Flex Schedule

  1. Andrew says:

    10 games, and we will only see 7 teams:

    NY Rangers

  2. Noah says:

    I have a question regarding the Center Ice package. Do you know why Direct TV offers some games in HD and Comcast does not?

  3. Derek says:

    Why when other games are scheduled from teams you wouldn’t expect do you mock it? I mean isn’t that what we want. Or does this have something to do with the Devils?

  4. stevelepore says:

    I’m joking at what an obvious patsy this game is meant to be to the much more attractive option against it.

    • Paul says:

      Boston and Montreal is a great rivalry. I don’t know why you singled out that game as the less attractive option. Yeah, yeah, I know, Ovechikin and Crosby (do these guys need more coverage?), but c’mon. The B’s and the Habs is always a great match up. I suppose you’ll slam the Sox and Yankees or Celtics and Lakers next.


  5. kevin says:

    Four weeks in a row of the Penguins? That’s a little much don’t you think…Dump the April 11th games. They are usually meaningless. Otherwise I don’t have a problem with this schedule. I’m really not interested in seeing Nashville, Col, Phx, TB, Atl, Ana, Fla, Edm, Tor, etc….anyway

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