Does Blue Jackets TV Schedule Give Us Hints At VERSUS Schedule?

The Blue Jackets are first out of the gate of the NHL’s 30 teams in announcing their television schedule.  Puck-rakers notes the seven games not to be televised by FS Ohio:

Home: Oct. 13 vs. Calgary Flames; Dec. 28 vs. Detroit Red Wings; March 15 vs. Edmonton Oilers

Away: Dec. 1 vs. Chicago Blackhawks; Dec. 15 vs. Minnesota Wild; Jan. 5 vs. Vancouver Canucks; April 5 vs. St. Louis Blues.

Please note that November 24th against Montreal is on the Blue Jackets TV schedule, so VERSUS will be taking that night off, as it is the only game on a Tuesday night (They may, however, be airing the Washington-Montreal game at Olympic Stadium later that week… if it happens, that is).  Columbus-Chicago December 1st is the other game we guaranteed on VERSUS, so that one will be on the network.

October 13th vs. Calgary is a Tuesday, but an unlikely TV candidate.  December 15th is a Tuesday against Minnesota, and has a better chance at getting on VERSUS.  December 28th against Detroit is a Monday night game that VERSUS will likely air.  January 5th and March 15th against Vancouver and Edmonton are unlikely, but April 5th is a Monday night vs. St. Louis that has a shot. 

Cheers, Blue Jackets, for helping us out a little here.  The entire TV schedule comes out next Wednesday.


Your Morning Music Breakdown

It’s day after TV schedule day!  Not… as excited?

Oh well, we shall have more coverage, potentially some VERSUS announcer predictions.  Hopefully posting that Roenick piece today.

Let’s move on.  Just find the horizon.