VERSUS’ Plan for September: Show Edited Versions of Really Awesome Movies

VERSUS has a September of college football, IRL and PBR.  Unfortunately for them, all of those are weekend sports, so they need s0me stuff to fill the gaps during the week.  So they’ll be airing amazing cult films like Slap Shot and The Big Lebowski.  Here are the premiere dates:

  • The Big Lebowski: Sept. 1, 8PM 
  • Hoosiers: Sept. 6, 5PM
  • Bull Durham: Sept. 7, 7PM
  • Blue Chips: Sept. 14, 8PM 
  • Slap Shot:  Sept. 28, 8PM 

Your Morning Music Breakdown

Good morning.  What do we have for you today?

You’ll see.  Perhaps one more crack at predicting the TV schedule.

Now, on with the day, from the start.