Should Patrick Kane Be Dropped From the Cover of NHL 10?

This photo suddenly became awkward.

Craig Custance is one of our favorite hockey writers.  He has this for us on Twitter:

Got an e-mail from EA Sports – they’re aware of Kane incident but have no comment at this time.  Right now, he’s cover of NHL10.

There you go.  A somewhat similar incident can be seen on the cover of NHL 2004.  Dany Heatley was scheduled to be the cover boy, and many copies were sent to stores of it too.  But then Joe Sakic replaced him after the incident with Heatley.  We think it’d probably be best if EA did the same with Kane, especially now that there’s a chance to rectify the situation before the game ships.  Why not go with Jonathan Toews or someone safer at this point?  What’s your opinion?


Your Morning Music Breakdown

annnnnnnnd… we’re back.

Its TV Schedule week, ya’ll!  We finally have something to do.

Also, we have a really exciting roundtable on what Jeremy Roenick should do next with a few of our friends from the blogosphere and perhaps a real life TV personality from the NHL.

But, for now, on with the day.  Everyone’s a winner.