The Best of Puck the Media: In Which We Betray Our Angry Readership

(Ed. Note: Welcome to the last of the lazy installments of “Best of” for this week.  They will return in late August/early September when we restart school, but this is it for the weak ones.  Tomorrow, it’s a compilation of our best interview segments.  That will be a doozy.  Here’s us on why airing Sports Soup after a Stanley Cup Final game didn’t make us that mad.)

Look, we feel a little responsible for not telling you about the fact that VERSUS aired Sports Soup after Game 3 of the Penguins-Red Wings (By the way, Eddie Olczyk would like you to know THERE WERE SIX PLAYERS ON THE ICE FOR THE PENGUINS!), then Hockey Central at 11.  Because we totally knew, and just kinda’ dropped the ball on it.  We figured you guys would find out anyway and then all would be well.  Maybe a few complaints, but in the end, nothing crazy.

Well I was wrong.  Turns out you are mostly really annoyed about this.  Pete Dougherty of theAlbany Times-Union leads the angry parade:

As if hockey fans didn’t have enough reasons to hate Versus, the network with the corny name gave them another tonight.

After the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 4-2 victory over the Detroit Red Wings in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Versus crew told viewers that they would be back in a half hour with “Hockey Central,” its postgame show.

A half hour? Why? Apparently the network savors its “Sports Soup” program so much that it’s willing to lose its hockey audience to air this week’s episode. Hockey fans were left looking for the NHL Network, which did provide postgame coverage.

You can read all 11 (mostly pissed) comments here.  But after the jump, we’ll tell you why this isn’t the massive deal that you think it is.  Cause don’t you all love being told you’re wrong?

Anyway, networks do this all the time.  If you watch hockey games from 2000-2004, ESPN cut almost immediately to Sports Center, Baseball Tonight, and anything else they could possibly cut to post-NHL.  And in 2003-04, there was no NHL2Night to check in on later.  ESPN just had Thorne and Clement say goodbye and that was it for the night, maybe you’ll catch something on Sports Center or ESPN News.

If I’m running VERSUS, I see Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final as our version of the Super Bowl.  If the Red Wings win, there will be lower ratings for Game 4, bar none.  So why not use Game 3 as a chance to prop up one of its’ likely struggling series?  What, they brought Will Ferrell in too?  Will Ferrell?  On VERSUS?  Can we do this at like the 2nd intermission too?

Point is, VERSUS clearly believes in its’ original series, so they’re using hockey to try and launch them.  When’s the last time you saw a network believe in hockey so much that they tried to launch a network around it?

And plus, you buncha babies whine about Hockey Central every night, so don’t be all righteous about it not being on right after the game.

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