Your Morning Music Breakdown

It’s Thursday.  Get here soon, Friday.

Part 2 of our Mike Lange interview is up Friday.  Funny story, I had finished the transcribing of it and decided to split into two parts.  So I copied it to eventually be pasted.  But then, I accidentally (being the idiot I am) copy-pasted another image and therefore lost all that material.  I would have to transcribe it all over again.

But it was worth it, if only because Mike Lange is such a terrific storyteller and all-around hockey treasure.  I sure hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed hearing it.

Now on with the day.  There’s nowhere to hide.

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One Response to Your Morning Music Breakdown

  1. ScottyWazz says:

    Uber-late on this, but very underrated single of theirs, I think. Of course “Understanding…” will always be #1, but I think “Signals…” is the next best in terms of videos made for the single. Love me some Thursday– the day of the week and more importantly, the band.

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