Your Morning Music Breakdown

Wednesday already.  We have a question for you folks:

Name the least appealing game on the NHL schedule for the 2009-10.  We want to see if it shows up on the national television schedule.

We have an interview being posted today, so it’s time to get Grandma into the fastlane, the bingo game is ready to roll.

Now let’s go.  Make up something to believe in your heart of hearts.


One Response to Your Morning Music Breakdown

  1. Chris says:

    Least appealing game on the sked for Americans:
    Tues., Nov. 10 – Edmonton at Ottawa – 7:30pm (Versus probably wouldn’t touch that game with a 10-foot pole)

    Least appealing game on the sked for Canadians:
    Sat., Mar. 13 – Phoenix at Carolina – 7pm (CBC would never show these two teams unless it were the Finals)

    There’s so many possibilities with over 1,200 games.

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