People Who Hate Music Will Hate This Week: EA Releases NHL 10 Soundtrack

Every year, each of the EA Sports franchise games has their own sort of sound.  From FIFA’s combo of world music and techno, to Madden’s running around the “Top 40” gamut.  The NHL has a weird mix of modern-day alternative rock, which is essentially punk, indie rock, metal and the despicably genre of bro-rock.  Oh, and “Rock You Like a Hurricane”.  Here is this year’s soundtrack to NHL 10.  You can find all the EA Sports soundtracks here.

  • Alexisonfire “Young Cardinals”
  • Cancer Bats “Deathsmarch”
  • CKY “Hellions on Parade”
  • Disco Ensemble “Golden Years”
  • Dragonforce “Heroes of Our Time”
  • Eagles of Death Metal “Anything ‘Cept the Truth”
  • Earl Greyhound “Oye Vaya”
  • Green Day “Know Your Enemy”
  • Megadeath “Peace Sells”
  • Metalkpretty “Wake Up! Wake Up!”
  • Ministry & Co-Conspirators “Keys to the City (Chicago Blackhawks Theme Song)”
  • MxPx “Kids in America”
  • Nickelback “Burn it to the Ground”
  • Papa Roach “Into the Light”
  • Priestess “Raccoon Eyes”
  • Rancid “The Bravest Kids”
  • Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane”
  • Thousand Foot Krutch “Fire it Up” 

Your Morning Music Breakdown

Good morning.  Definite discussion of the Islanders situation today.  Perhaps more.  Enjoy the day.

Let’s make the donuts.  Didn’t we have some standards once?