Final VERSUS College Football Schedule for 2009, and Hope For the Premiere Games Airing on TV

You’ll notice the Saturday of the Premiere games there are no college football exhibitions until 7PM.  So VERSUS could be airing 9 hours of major sports programming.  Which might be a record for non-football program.  Here’s the VERSUS college football schedule:

Sept. 12
Texas vs. Wyoming

Sept. 19
Duke vs. Kansas
3:30 Florida A&M vs. Tennessee St. 
7:00 Florida St. vs. BYU

Sept. 26
Cornell vs. Yale
7:30 Pac-10 TBD

Oct. 3
7:00 Pac-10 TBD

Oct. 17 
12:30 Princeton vs. Brown
4:00 Colorado St. vs. TCU
7:30 Pac-10 TBD

Oct. 24
12:30 Big 12 TBD
4:00 Air Force vs. Utah
7:30 TCU vs. BYU

Oct. 31
12:30 Big 12 TBD
4:00 UNLV vs. TCU

Nov. 7
12:30 Big 12 TBD
4:00 TCU vs. San Diego St.

Nov. 14
12:30 Big 12 TBD
7:00 Pac-10 TBD

Nov. 21
12:00 Harvard vs. Yale
4:00 San Diego St. vs. Utah
7:30/10:30 Pac-10 TBD


Talented Tongues.

It struck me randomly the beauty of the English language. Specifically the vocabulary of hockey. I love words. I adore being tied up and in the sound of things. I live for witticisms and a snappy repertoire. I enjoy the flexibility of words of flirting and innuendo. But I find something comforting about the verbage of this wonderful sport; fisticuffs, haymakers, and donnybrooks. I haven’t even started on the terms which sound deliciously scandalous; going five hole, soft hands and pine riding.

Though I have to wonder, is there a word for the sound of the skates on ice?