Some Stuff to Read About For the Weekend

As we mentioned, Princess Curl (can that be her new name?  Cheers to Scotty Wazz for coining it) has the ship next week.  We’re going to recharge and INTERVIEW MIKE LANGE OMFG!  If you have any questions, get them in the comments or via E-mail by Monday and we’ll see what we can do.  So here are some bits and pieces for the weekend.

  • We aren’t totally sure what Ken Campbell’s talking about here.  The NHL is worthless on TV, but Versus has helped the NHL be less worthless, but the NHL should leave Versus, but then again, maybe the NHL should keep Versus.  Or something.
  • We seriously recommend you check out Bob Miller’s “One Man Show” at the LA Kings’ Hockeyfest ’09 if you’re in the area.  It’s all being hosted by friend of Puck the Media John Buccigross.  Give this a Grapes-style thumbs up.
  • If you’re in the Jersey area, we’re hitting up the Devils prospect camp scrimmage on Saturday.  Kudos to the Devils for letting the dreaded public into their building.  It is much obliged.  Admission is free, parking is $5, Lou Lamoriello’s glares are on the house.
  • The American Century Championship is this weekend.  Or as we call it, Rich Guys Golfing.  Here’s a list of hockey heroes involved:

-Mike Eruzione
-Brett Hull
-Jeremy Roenick
-Mike Modano
-Dan Quinn
-Mario Lemieux
-Wayne Gretzky
-Grant Fuhr
-Pierre Larouche
-Janet Gretzky (Okay, we know this doesn’t count.  But who cares?)

Coverage airs Saturday and Sunday at 3PM ET on NBC.

Enjoy your weekend.  See you July 27th.  Enjoy Curl.


Morning Music Breakdown

Happy Friday everyone.  We promise today will end the scheduling blather.  

Some scheduling notes.  Princess Curl is running this behemoth all next week.  We’re on vacation all week.  Plus, it’s late July.  We think all of you could use a week of Curl’s whimsy.

QUESTION: What would you like us to write about in the next few weeks when we come back?  Aside from the TV schedule, we got nothin’. 

That’s all for now.  Time to shake it like a ladder to the sun.