How the NHL Draft Would Get ESPN-ified

Look, there is so much value in the NHL Draft coverage TSN gives us.  Sure, Pierre McGuire yells at us in a way that says: “I AM YELLING BECAUSE WHAT I SAY IS IMPORTANT!  BUT I CAN’T STOP YELLING CAUSE THAT’LL MEAN THAT I LOST THE BATTLE!”.  But Gord, Pierre, Bob and Darren know what’s up.  Dreger broke the only trades of the night before Commissioner Bettman announced them.  It’s kind of a tension killer, but it’s no different from what Ric Bucher does on the NBA Draft on ESPN.

Which brings us to an interesting thought: Obviously, ESPN – were they to get back in the hockey game – would go full tilt on the NHL if they got back in.  I mean, c’mon, these guys televise the WNBA and MLS Drafts.  We’re pretty sure we saw the MLL Draft there once.  Do you folks even know what the MLL is?  Anyway, here’s what ESPN’s NHL Draft coverage would look like.

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NHL Net To Serve Up a Fresh Batch of Americaballs on 4th of July

Your NHL Network Schedule for July 4, 2009:

12:00 1996 World Cup of Hockey, Game 1
2:00 1996 World Cup of Hockey, Game 2
4:00 1996 World Cup of Hockey, Game 3
6:00 2008 U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
7:30 The Hodge Stove League: Ron Wilson
8:00 2008 Lester Patrick Award Ceremony
9:30 The Hodge Stove League: Brian Burke
10:00 2004 World Junior Championships Gold Medal Game

A perfect way to celebrate the American contributions to the sport.  I’ll certainly have the TV locked to NHL Network Saturday.